Exchange & Refund Policy

Our return policy allows for item(s) return and your choice of a full refund or replacement item(s) within 7 days. However, we do have requirements for processing a return.
You may want to return your order due to any of the following reasons:
• Defect: The Product does not function as described in its manufacturer specification
• Incorrect / Wrong Item: Not the product as per ordered.
• Missing Item / Parts: Missing items/parts as indicated in the packaging

1. All purchase at is applicable for a 7 days refund period.

2. Proof of purchase (invoice / receipt) must be submitted for return / refund.

3. The goods must be in new condition and returned in the original, unopened packaging along with all original accessories (including manuals, warranty cards, certificate of authenticity & free gift)

4. The product must not have been used or installed.

5. All the item label and barcode must be remained in original condition

6. GC de Galerie reserved the rights to determine if the product is faulty or defective and one of the following options will be offered:
Service / Repair: GC de Galerie will have the product repaired; However, once serviced, the product is no longer eligible for replacement.
Replacement: The same product that bought at

7. Product must be deemed faulty or defective by our Quality Control Team;
This may include inspection of the goods, arranging for the goods to be sent for repair, or providing customer with a replacement.

8. GC de Galerie reserve the right to reject any return, exchange, refund deemed unfit or unreasonable.